Graduation Cap Gift Box Craft Tutorial: DIY

My nephew graduated from high school on Saturday, where has the time gone……?  I wanted to make a special box for his gift.  The main gift was money, but we also threw in a lottery ticket and some of his favorite candy, just to make it a little more interesting.

You will need:

Round paper mache box

Black craft foam
Embroidery floss in school colors or favorite colors
Black acrylic paint
Small dowel cap
Scrap piece of cardboard
(Optional) 2013 Table scatter confetti

I wrote a book! 
Be sure to pick up your copy today!!

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Paint the paper mache box in black and set aside to dry.

2.  Paint the dowel cap black and set aside to dry
3.  Center the lid of the box on the foam to create a square and cut a straight line
4.  Take a string and cut it the width of the top of the box and fold in half – that will give you the center of the box top
5.  Take a screwdriver, drill or ice pick and poke a hole in the lid of the box.
6.  Put the foam square on the bottom of the open box and center the lid on the top of the box and poke or drill a hole into the foam.  (If that seems confusing, watch the video.  It’s less confusing than it sounds).
7.  Take the screw and screw it into the bottom of the box lid.  Put the foam onto the screw and screw on the dowel cap.
8.  Put some glue between the foam and the paper mache box lid, just to keep it in place.  Allow to dry. Tip:  Don’t use hot glue, it might be too hot for the foam and it will end up misshapen.  Use a white glue.

Onto the tassel:

1.  Cut a piece of cardboard the length you want the tassel to be.
2.  Cut a small notch into one end – this will help grab the end of the embroidery floss.
3.  Insert the end of the embroidery floss into the cardboard notch and wrap it around the cardboard.  Repeat with a second color, if you are doing to colors.
4.  Take a good pair of scissors and put one end between the floss and the cardboard and move it to the bottom of the cardboard and cut in a straight line.
5.  Carefully remove the embroidery floss and place it on your work surface, open, but make sure it still has the bend/crease.
6.  Take a piece of the embroidery floss and tie it around the creased area.  You want to make sure it is long enough because that is what you will be using to tie it on with.  Now you can bend it in half.
7.  Take another piece of floss and wind it around toward the top of the tassel and tie a knot.
8.  Straighten and trim the bottom of the tassel to even it out.
9.  Punch a small hole in the 2013 and thread a piece of embroidery floss through it.
10.  Unscrew the dowel cap and tie both the tassel and the 2013 onto the cap.

That’s it!!

Fill it with gifts and fun stuff for the graduate!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!!


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