Glitter Flower Headband Hair Bow Craft Tutorial

I was asked on my YouTube Channel to use more glitter and specifically to glitter hair bows/headbands/hair bands.  I didn’t just want to glitter them, I wanted to go one step beyond.  So, I added a flower.

You will need:
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–  Hair bow/headband – I bought mine at the Dollar Store – 2 for a dollar!  Quite a deal!  Options on Amazon:
–  Mod Podge or white glue:
–  Glitter – I used black for this project:
–  Fake flower – I also purchased the fake flowers at the Dollar Store.
–  Hot glue:
–  I used a Solo cup to help support it while working on it

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  In a small cup, mix Mod Podge (or white glue) with glitter.  Mix it up well and paint on the hair bow.  White still wet, working over a tray, or piece of paper, so you can reuse excess glitter, sprinkle glitter on the wet glue.  Do this all over the outside of the hair bow, until covered.
2.  Put it somewhere to dry.  I put it over the Solo cup, so it was supported and wasn’t leaning on any of the parts I just glittered.
3.  Pull off a flower from the bunch you purchased.  If necessary, snip off the nub at the bottom.
4.  When hair bow is dry, put a dab of hot glue where you want the flower to go and press the bottom of the flower into it.  Hold it until it cools.  I like the flower to be a little off center.

That’s it!  You will have some loose glitter that will fall off for a little while.

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy crafting!


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