DIY Glitter and Crystal Wine Bottle Stopper

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You can make an elegant gift for the wine lover in your life, or make one for yourself!

You will need:
–  Wine bottle stopper ( I bought mine at Hobby Lobby)
–  Jewelry Clay (You can find it under Products I Use and for more info, go to
–  Crystals
–  Fine glitter
–  Gloves
Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Prepare your clay by mixing equal parts of the A and B.
2.  When completely mixed, split again and roll into a ball.
3.  Take one ball and attach to one side of the wine stopper and repeat on the other side.
4.  Take your gems/crystals and press them into the clay.  Try not to get any clay fingerprints on the gems.
5.  When you have your gems/crystals in place, take fine glitter and sprinkle onto both sides.
6.  Gently press or tap the glitter, to make sure it is in contact with the clay.
7.  Allow to set (check out the directions on your clay package).
8.  Once cured, gently brush off any excess glitter and you are finished!!
Pop it in a wine bottle, or give it as a gift!
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!


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