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I have been asked to try and make silicone molds using caulk.  Rhonda asked me again a couple of weeks ago and I thought, maybe it’s time.

You will need:

Silicone caulk:
Rub and Buff:
Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Squeeze out the silicone on wax paper.  Squeeze out more than you think you will need:
2.  Pour some cornstarch over it.  With a stir stick, start mixing the silicone and cornstarch together.
3.  Add a squirt of baby oil.
4.  Mix it some more and add more cornstarch.  
5.  Continue mixing and adding cornstarch as needed.  You will know when it is ready when it stops sticking to your gloves and you can roll it into a ball and it keeps shape.
6.  Put it on your was paper and flatten it somewhat.
7.  Add the pieces your are wanting to mold and press them into the silicone.
8.  Allow to dry for at least a couple of hours.  You will feel when it is firm enough to remove.
9.  Carefully remove them.

Results:  I found it worked really well and picked up the details of what I was molding.  When I added polymer clay to the mold and pulled it out, I got a really nice impression.  When I used it with resin, I found the resin stuck to the silicone and it did not come out clean.  

For use with:
Polymer clay = YES
Resin = NO

I hope that helps and if you have personally tried it and had better or worse results, I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for stopping by!  Stay safe and Happy Crafting!


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