Gargantote Review and Giveaway! Craft Klatch

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I am excited to have a giveaway today!  The fine people at The Green Garmento are offering one of their Gargantotes.  These totes are pretty amazing.  They are big, handy and very functional!  I hope you go explore their website at, to find out more.  The bag is fully recyclable and can hold up to 25 pounds.  

I will be using my bag to help keep the back of my car tidy and it’s perfect for putting your grocery bags, so the contents don’t spill out.  I usually have cat food cans rolling around the back of my car.  Personally, I think the best use is as a gift for a college student.  With graduation season upon us, it would be a perfect gift!  Think laundry.  College kids have it.  Often they have to go to a common laundry room, or a laundromat to clean their clothes OR let’s face it, if they are coming home, they are bringing it home for Mom.  Put one of the Gargantotes into the bottom of the closet and toss your dirty laundry in.  On laundry day, you take it with, wash your clothes and they fold it an put it into the Gargantote and guess what?  It doesn’t wrinkle and get squashed together like a regular laundry bag!  Whoohoo!  There are a bunch of other potential uses, for storage and what not, so let your imagination run wild!  

See the Gargantote in the video below:

If you want a chance to win a Gargantote, be sure to enter below:

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Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!!


*Green Garmento provided me with the Gargantote for review.  The ideas an opinions are all my own.

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