High Heel Design: Transforming Old Stilettos into Glamorous Home Decor You Can Use 3 Ways

Discover how to transform old stilettos into a glittering masterpiece with my high heel design DIY. From painting heels a different color to adding glitter and beads, these high heel decorating ideas are perfect for any party.

It’s time for another Craft or Crap Challenge!

I’m going head-to-head with Chas from Chas’ Crazy Creations for a craft challenge, where you get to decide whether our projects are CRAFT or CRAP!

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This challenge is sponsored by Karen Thomas Designs, featuring her stunning beaded items. My ideas and opinions are all my own.

Big thanks to Karen and her beautiful Add A Bead Products!

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The Rules

The rules are so simple! Here they are – interpret them as you will:

  1. Must repurpose an item
  2. Must light up

If you want to craft along with us and get your project featured in a future Craft or Crap Challenge, you can find more info HERE!

Materials Needed

To get started, gather the following materials:

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High Heel Design Inspiration

If you are wondering where I found my inspiration for the color and style of the high heel design…well, it came from the box of goodies Karen Thomas Designs sent to us. It was this beautiful bead creation that struck me and dictated the color and feel.

purple crystal bead  which served as Inspiration for my high heel design

High Heel Design Party Centerpiece VIDEO

Here is the video tutorial so you can see exactly what I did!

High Heel Decorating Ideas: From Drab to Fab

I recently bought some killer red stilettos, but I definitely wasn’t going to wear them! Wearing them seemed like a guaranteed trip to the ER. Instead, I decided to transform them into a dazzling piece of art and a functional serving platter.

Just a thought, this might be a great way to redo thrifted shoes or to preserve special occasion shoes! Think wedding shoes!

Mona holding two red high heels for high heel design transformation

Here’s how to make DIY high heels that turn into a party centerpiece!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Make a Custom High Heel Design Ready to Party

Seal the Bottoms 

I started by brushing Elmer’s Glue All onto the bottom of the shoes. I did that so paint and resin would not stick to the actual soles of the shoes. I think plain acrylic paint might have removed a little easier.

Painting Elmers Glue All to the soles of the high heel shoes

Prime the Shoes 

Using Rustoleum Universal Bonding Primer, I primed the shoes. I used that specific primer because it allows you to paint right after it dries.

Priming the red stilettos white

Choose Your Paint Colors

Select colors that make you happy and inspire you. I selected a metallic purple for the main body of the shoes.

After the first coat dried, I did a second coat but blended a lighter purple for a gorgeous ombre effect toward the back of the shoe.

changing the high heel design by painting purple ombre

Finally, I finished the heels in a darker metallic plum color. The insoles were painted with Plaid Sugar Metallic Paint in silver. The sides of the inside of the shoe were plum, like the heels.

While the paint was drying…I put together this beautiful Garden Art Stix!

Beaded garden stake

Add Glitter and Beads 

Again, use colors and textures that speak to you! I used glue and micro beads on the upper half of the heels. In the area that I painted light purple, I did glue polka dots and sprinkled fine pink glitter.

Glitter Mod Podge

I applied glitter Mod Podge over the darker purple areas and sprinkled dark purple glitter. For the inside, I used chunky silver glitter for added texture.

Enhancing the high heel design by adding purple glitter

Time to Seal the Stilettos 

Seal it with resin. Once everything dried, I brushed on a thin coat of resin to make sure the shoes were sealed and the glitter and micro beads would stay in place.

brushing resin onto purple stilettos

While the resin was curing…I put together the Mouse Cheese Knife!

Karen Thomas Designs mouse cheese knife

Now it’s time to transform them into a High Heels Decoration for a Party

Create a Glittering Tray Base 

I used an inexpensive metal dish from Goodwill and screwed it to two pieces I cut from a dowel rod and painted them silver and later glittered them. Then, I painted the silver tray light purple. It took two coats.

Painting round silver tray purple

Attach to Heels 

I used a permanent glue but permanent putty or resin would also work well to permanently attach the shoes to the dowel rods attached to the platter. Then, I added a layer of purple glitter mixed in with resin and poured it into the middle of the platter.

*Tip: Make sure you use a level so the platter isn’t slanting and the resin keeps pooling to one side.

Pouring purple glitter resin onto the purple serving tray

While the resin was curing…I beaded the Make-Up Brush!

Karen Thomas Designs beaded make up brush

Add Fairy Lights 

To take the high heel design to the next level, I hot glued fairy light to the underside of the tray and in the shoes for a magical glow.

Fairy lights added to the high heel design serving tray

Beads Creation: Crafting with Karen Thomas Designs

Karen Thomas Designs sent us a variety of beautiful beads and bead kits, which inspired many elements of this project. The color and the high style!

Karen Thomas Designs Add A Bead Kits

So Many Uses

There are so many ways this stylish serving tray can be used!

Serving Platter Combine the decorated high heels with the beaded items to make a unique serving platter, perfect for any occasion. You can put a clear plate on it and use it as a cake plate or to serve cheese and crackers, etc.

High heel design serving platter

Make-Up Brush Holder The platter also works in a bathroom or on a dressing table, to hold make up brushes and other toiletry needs.

Purple glittered high heel serving tray

Desk Organizer Do you want a stylish way to keep your desk organized? The high heel design platter is perfect to hold your pens, letter opener, magnifying glass, Post It notes, etc.

Go Check Out Chas’ Project

Now it’s time to check out Chas’ project and see if hers is Craft or Crap!

Chas' Craft or Crap thumbnail

How to Paint Heels a Different Color

Do you want to take a shot at high heel design? Follow these tips:

  1. Prime the Shoes: Use a bonding primer for a smooth base.
  2. Choose Quality Paint: Opt for metallic or glitter paint for a stunning finish.
  3. Seal the Deal: Protect your work with a coat of epoxy resin.

Giveaway Time!

Karen Thomas Designs is giving away a $50 mystery box!

Mystery Box Giveaway - white box red bow

Here is how to enter:

  1. Let me know if my high heel design project is Craft or Crap
  2. Visit Chas and let her know if her project is Craft or Crap
  3. MOST IMPORTANT: Go to Karen Thomas Designs site and then email here at karenthomasdesigns@karenthomas.us to let her know what you’d pick for your Mystery Box.
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MORE INFO ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY *This is open to the US only. If you are under the age of 18, you will need to get your parent’s permission before entering. *Winner will be contacted by Karen from Karen Thomas Designs. *Once announced, the winner will have 48 hours to respond, otherwise a new winner will be chosen. *KAREN WILL ONLY CONTACT YOU BY EMAIL AND WE WILL NOT ASK FOR ANY PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION

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More Craft of Crap Inspiration

Did you enjoy this high heel design project? Do you want more Craft or Crap Challenge inspiration? You can find it here:

Final Thoughts

Remember, life’s too short not to shimmer. Grab your glue gun, your glitter!™ Let your creativity shine!


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