Garbage to Gorgeous Episode #6 – Part 2: I Built a Doghouse Out of What?!?! Coco’s Key West Inspired Beach House! Extreme Dog House

It’s time for Part 2 of Coco’s doghouse!  In this episode, I tackle how to make the exterior embellishments, the sandy front yard and some interior decorating!!  Oh and Coco’s reaction!  

To do a quick recap:

I was contacted by Dog Fence DIY  (, to contribute to their Do It Yourself Hackathon.  I was asked if I would make a dog related craft.  I gave it some thought and decided I wanted to stretch my crafting chops and make a doghouse.  I wanted it to be a Key West beach house  inspired doghouse – like someone built a colorful cottage, right on there on beach.  I wanted it to be sturdy, but I wanted it to look like someone just decided to put it there.  And of course it had to be colorful!

I want to give a little background on Coco.  Coco was rescued from a home where she was kept outside in a cage.  She was malnourished, had mange, was timid and one of her rear legs is a little shorter than the other because of the conditions she was living in.  She was rescued and cleaned up.  My sister and her family fostered her and fell in love with her.  She was officially adopted is now part of the family and receives a lot of love!  She has come a long way!

Incase you missed Part 1, HERE is the video and HERE is the post :

Before we get to Part 2, I just wanted to mention that the main tools I used to make the doghouse were:

The main tools I used were:
–  Hammer
–  Pliers
–  Jigsaw
–  Rotary tool
–  Nail gun
–  Staple gun

I used resin for the sand.  I used Envirotex Lite.  You get more information on it at  

I tried to use a lot of recycled materials and the main structure was made from an old table and three pallets.  To see how it was made and what I used, see the Part 1 video above.

Here is the video for Part 2:

Here are some of tools similar to what I used, available at Amazon:

Here are some other items:

Here’s Coco:

Here are videos for some of the interior decorating projects:

Thanks for stopping by!  

Happy Crafting!


2 thoughts on “Garbage to Gorgeous Episode #6 – Part 2: I Built a Doghouse Out of What?!?! Coco’s Key West Inspired Beach House! Extreme Dog House”

  1. It came out really really cute!
    You of course already know I love what you did with the sand and resin since I've shared some of my sand, shells and resin art and 3-D pieces with you ��
    I'm sorry for laughing, but you made me chuckle with your special thank you to Greg and father at the end. Not measuring the width of the door jam vs the size of the dog house sounds like something I'd do �� I'm glad they figured out how to get it through the door!!

    —> A Note To Those Who Want To Do This With The Sand For A Dog House…. The sand will dry hard as a rock HOWEVER if you rough texture it too much you will get little peaks and valleys. These become like pointy shards of glass and WILL break off when stepped on, even by a small dog and they WILL embed in a paw (or human foot… Don't ask how I know this about the human foot!!!)


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