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Shop the materials and tools I use in my craft room and those I have my eye on to use in the future! Also great storage options because it’s hard to organize and store all that stuff!

Heat Resistant Resin

When you want to make coasters, a heat resistant resin works best for that application. They work well for a lot of other projects too! I discuss it a little more in my Your Resin Coasters Are Not Curing: Top 5 Reasons Why. Here are some resins that are heat resistant, no VOCs, and UV stable. They have good reviews and ratings, but be sure to check into them a little more, to make sure they fit your needs!

Silicone Molds I Use

Great sources for silicone molds:

Freshware Silicone Coaster Mold

Coaster Mold

This is the silicone mold I have been using for years to make resin coasters.
6 Cavity Silicone Coaster Mold

6 Cavity Coaster Mold

Holy coaster mold Batman! I have not tried this one, but it has good reviews. If you are looking to make a bunch of coasters, this is the answer! The cavity sizes are the same as the three cavity mold.

Gingerbread Silicone Mold

I have used this mold to make a Christmas gingerbread house, a Zombie house, and an Easter Bunny house.
Silicone trivet with honeycomb pattern

Silicone Honeycomb Trivet

I used these silicone trivets to make an awesome Bee Honeycomb Resin Coaster.
Wood grain textured silicone mat

Wood Grain Silicone Mat

I used this wood grain silicone mat to create a Faux Wood Resin Coaster.
Textured silicone mat for resin crafting

Textured Silicone Mat

I made a beautiful Textured Resin Coaster using this mat!
Large Silicone mat for crafting

Large 2′ x 3′ Silicone Mat

The silicone mat I have is smaller, but this is definitely my next one! Perfect to protect your surfaces while you work with resin.
Pink square silicone coaster mold

Square Silicone Coaster Mold

Great mold for square coasters.
Heart silicone resin mold

Heart Silicone Mold

I have made some fun heart paperweights with this mold!
Large gem silicone resin mold

Silicone Gem Paperweight Mold

I used these to make some fun resin paperweights!
Clear silicone sphere mold

Silicone Sphere Mold

I used these for making little spheres for necklaces. They come is different sizes.
Silicone mini donut mold

Mini Donut Mold

I used these to make some cute donut jewelry pendants!
Ice ball silicone molds

Silicone Ice Ball Mold

I used these molds for the Vacation Memory Ball and for the Glitter Garden Ball Ornament.
Silicone Candy Mold

Silicone Candy Mold

I used this mold to make the candy I put in the Heart Candy Box! They look deliciously real!
10 Inch Silicone Heart Mold in green

10 Inch Silicone Heart Mold

I used this heart mold to make the Resin Candy Heart box and the Big Resin Conversation Heart projects!
Rectangular silicone loaf mold

Rectangular Silicone Mold

I used this on the golf ball lamp. You can put all kinds of fun things into it, not just golf balls!

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