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Advertising Benefits

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Craft Klatch. Advertising with Craft Klatch is a sure way to get your name and/or product in front of consumers. I believe in great people and great products. I would love to help you in any way I can!

I have advertising campaign options to fit any budget and I look forward to working with you!

Why Advertise With Craft Klatch?

Craft Klatch is a growing community of loyal, dedicated, and enthusiastic crafters, and DIYers! At this writing, the Craft Klatch community is over 319,000 strong and growing each day! I’m sure they’d love to meet you!

Craft Klatch Community

323,000+ Strong

Here is the breakdown!

Craft Klatch Viewers, Readership, and Following

YouTube Channel

  • 126,500+ YouTube subscribers
    • 22,796,250+ lifetime views

Facebook Page

  • 157,200+ Facebook followers
  • 138,250+ Facebook likes


  • 30,250+ Pinterest followers
    • 2.5 million monthly views
    • 2.6 million monthly impressions

Craft Klatch Blog

  • 5,500+ subscribers
  • 24,640 monthly views


  • 2,400+ followers


  • 1,200+ followers



Craft Klatch viewers and followers are always excited to find out about new products and services that will help them be creative, make their lives easier, and make their homes better and more beautiful! If you think Craft Klatch is a good option to help you get the word out, please drop me an email at! From blog ads to video options, there is surely something to fit your budget.

Brands I have worked with:

  • Puffy Mattress
  • Hometalk
  • Oriental Trading
  • Eclectic Products (UnicornSpit & Glaze Coat)
  • PaperMart
  • Environmental Technology
  • Resin Obsession
  • Borealis Baking
  • Green Garmento
  • Chalkola
  • ArtResin
  • Gemnique
  • Jord Watches
  • and more…

I look forward to working with you and have a wonderful day!

Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!

Mona Schmitt