Autumn Vase Craft Tutorial

I don’t know how the colors are changing where you guys are, but they are beautiful out here in the Midwest.  I was driving around yesterday and I was inspired by some of the Fall colors to do a project that had a natural feel.  The upcoming holidays call for glitter and glitz, but Autumn calls for nature.  Here are a few pictures of the trees ablaze with color!

Here is the project that I completed.  It’s a fall vase.  I put a water glass or jar inside of it if I am going to use real flowers that require water.  It saves the clean up and the rope and embellishments won’t get wet.

Here is the video tutorial:

You will need:

–  An empty and clean can (I used a soup can)
–  Pine cones:
–  Acorn cap:
–  Spanish moss:
–  Two small stones roughly shaped like eggs:  Check your yard
–  Orange ribbon:
–  Hot glue gun and glue (lots of it):
–  Scissors:


1.  Hot glue the rope around the can.  Be careful because the hot glue might heat up the can while you are working on it.

2.  Tie the ribbon around the can.

3.  Make bird’s nest.  To make the bird’s nest:  Take an acorn cap and glue in some Spanish moss – trim as needed.  Glue in your stones

4.  Hot glue the birds nest onto the can and ribbon.  Then add the little pine cones.

5.  Use a glass to put into the can and you can add fall flowers.  The glass makes it super easy to wash.  

That’s it!

I hope you give it a try!  Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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