Glitter Bat Craft Tutorial

Having made the glitter spider the other week, I thought a glitter bat would also be in order.

You will need:

–  Styrofoam ball
–  A sheet of black craft foam
–  Black glitter
–  2 Google eyes
–  Hot glue
–  Paper clip
–  White felt
–  Piece of embroidery floss
–  Black acrylic paint
–  Craft knife

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Paint styrofoam ball black and let dry
2.  Insert part of paper clip into the top of the ball and hot glue into place.
3.  Paint the entire ball with white glue and sprinkle black glitter all over.  Hang to dry.
4.  With a craft knife, carefully cut slits into the sides of the bat – that is where the wings will be inserted.
5.  Trace template of bat wing (see below) onto the craft foam.  Cut out two wings.
6.  Hot glue wings into the side slits.
7.  Cut two triangles of craft foam for the bat ears – glue onto top of head.
8.  Glue on google eyes.
9.  Cut two triangles of white felt for the teeth/fangs and glue into place.
10. Glue a small piece of embroidery floss above the teeth to be a mouth.
11. Anywhere there is hot glue showing, put a little white glue over and sprinkle with black glitter.
12.  Let it all dry and hang it up!

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