Sunflower Thrift Store Craft or Crap Challenge & Giveaway!

Today is an exciting day as I take on this month’s Craft or Crap Challenge: Thrift Store Flower Theme. I’m always game for a thrift store craft because I am a big fan of both creativity and thriftiness!

Join me as I reveal the process of transforming thrift store finds into a stunning sunflower-themed masterpiece.

Definitely not a masterpiece…but it turned out pretty good.

Well…that’s my opinion but in the end, YOU will ultimately have to decide if it’s Craft or Crap!

Also, don’t forget to check out Chas’ thrift store craft over at Chas’ Crazy Creations as she takes on the same challenge!

Thrift Store Challenge Rules and Supplies

For this challenge, I had to stick to some rules:

  • Create a flower-themed craft
  • Purchase materials from a thrift store
  • Use Plaid products to finish the project

Here is what I bought:

  • A twine ball
  • A basket
  • A woven flat thing (I have no idea what it was used for) I’ll probably refer to it as a flat basket
  • A candleholder
Baskets at Habitat for Humanity for thrift store craft

After going to my local Goodwill (my usual go-to)…where I found nothing inspiring…I cruised over to my local Habitat for Humanity. This was the first time I ever went to a Habitat for Humanity and I will definitely go back! Not only did they have unusual stuff but they also gave me 25% off. That was a total win!

Plaid Creators Logo

Plaid Products I used

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Above are links to those products on Amazon but you can buy directly from PlaidOnline and use the special discount code Mona123.

Sunflower Thrift Store Craft Video

I explain my steps down below, but sometimes it’s just easier to see it. Enjoy the video!

Preparing the Materials

I cleaned and prepped all the items thoroughly, ensuring they were ready for their transformation.

To clean the twine ball and baskets, I washed and swished them around in water with some rubbing alcohol and vinegar.

So, know how sometimes things can smell dusty and musty? After this cleaning, they smelled totally fresh.

Mona doing sniff test on cleaned thrift store twine ball

I always go with the sniff test to see if something is really clean. Is that weird?

Painting the Pieces: Adding Life to the Thrift Store Craft Pieces

First, I painted the candlestick green, creating the stem of the sunflower. Using two different greens of Plaid’s FolkArt Multi-Surface paint, I achieved a vibrant green color with two coats.

Painting candlestick with Plaid multi surface paint

Because I was painting metal, I needed to make sure the paint I used would properly adhere to the candlestick, so I chose Multi-Surface paint.

Using a stencil brush to paint a basket

Next, I moved on to the basket and twine ball. I selected shades of bronze, copper, and terracotta to mimic the warm hues of a sunflower. The center of a sunflower isn’t just one stark color, so blending the three different colors gives it a more natural look.

Creating the Sunflower Design: Bringing Nature Indoors

I had a vision in my head when I moved onto the flat basket…maybe it was a lid to a hamper?

Whatever it was, that is now in its past!

Back to my vision…

Tracing flower petal onto the flat basket for thrift store craft

I had my mind set on a sunflower and debated for a long while on how I would achieve that. Using the basket as my guide, for the middle of the sunflower, I drew a paper petal that was just over four inches.

Using a black permanent marker, I outlined the sunflower petals all around the basket. I did one round and then went back and did partial petals to fill in the spaces.

painting the sunflower on the flat basket

I used different shades of acrylic paints, two yellows, and an apricot, which started to bring the sunflower design to life

Then, I added subtle shadows using the petal colors and a little bit of gold mixed in.

I finished off the middle of the sunflower using my large stencil brush and I pounced the same colors I used for the other basket and the twine ball. This was the official center of the sunflower.

pouncing different colors on the center of the sunflower thrift store craft

I’ll be honest, I love a good thrift store craft but I was sweating painting this sunflower. I paint things but I’m not an artist kind of painter.

Assembling the Thrift Store Craft Masterpiece: From Vision to Reality

Once everything dried, I carefully assembled the pieces. The candlestick became the sturdy stem, while the painted flat basket became the vibrant sunflower.

Sunflower side table thrift store craft

The other basket and the twine ball were add-ons and only served to provide more functionality...


Honestly, they are totally expendable.

Final Touches and Usage Ideas: Practical and Decorative

The finished sunflower can be used in various ways. Alone, the flat basket and candleholder make a pretty side table, adding a pop of color to any space.

top of the thrift store craft sunflower table copy

If you put a clear platter on it, it’s perfect for serving snacks. If you add a layer of resin, it will become a unique and functional side table.

Sunflower table made from thrift store craft items

Additionally, the other basket can be put in the center if you need to contain something like rolls. The twine ball can be repurposed as a toothpick holder – though you might want to finish it off with a food-safe sealer first.

Adding toothpicks to the twine ball as a toothpick holder for appetizers

Craft or Crap? Your Decision!

Basket with crackers on sunflower side table

The moment of truth has arrived!

finished sunflower table
Greg is wondering why I’m taking a picture of him.

I’m looking for total honesty! Let me know what you think, in the comments below!

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Chas’ Thrift Store Craft Project!

Be sure to check out Chas’ project HERE!

You’ve seen my project, now it’s time to let Chas know if her project is Craft or Crap!

Craft Along with Us!

Did you enjoy this month’s Craft or Crap Challenge? Would you like to craft along with us?

Good News: YOU CAN!!!

We love to see what you are doing! There is a Craft or Crap Facebook group, where you can share your creations! We announce the challenge and rules ahead of time. You can either craft an original project beforehand or if one of our projects inspires you, you can make your own version! Either way, we want to see it!

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Giveaway Details

We appreciate you and want to help you stay crafty, so we are giving away a $25 Michaels gift card! There are several ways to enter, so take advantage of all of them to up your chances! The winner will be randomly selected on April 20, 2024.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

***Here is the important stuff***

This is open to the US and Canada. If you are under the age of 18, you will need to get your parent’s permission before entering.

These are the ONLY ways Mona or Chas will be contacting you:
We will announce the winner in the Craft or Crap Facebook Group
We will also email the winner with the email they provided when entering – make sure you provide the correct email and check it!

Once announced, the winner will have 48 hours to respond, otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

The gift card will be emailed to the winner.

**If anyone asks you for any personal information and/or financial information, it is a scam. Chas or I will only reach out via the email you provide. Scammers are clever, so if you are contacted by a Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram account that looks like Chas or Mona and they tell you you have won, it is NOT us. It is a scam. We will NOT contact you via Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. We will ONLY contact you by the email you provide in the giveaway form.

Good Luck!

Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™

Stay safe!


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  1. Enjoyed following you through the whole project! I like the ‘end table’ idea and maybe put some snacks in it, so would probably needs to apply the resin. I’m not real active in this ‘crafty’ projectsd, but feel this was a true “Craft”!

    • Thank you Sister Barbara! I am actually in the process of putting some resin on it now to do just that! I’ll be a fully functional end table! I’m glass you enjoyed the process!


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