Bunny House Craft DIY Easter Resin Project with Video

Easter is almost here!  I wanted to make a special project for Spring. I broke out the gingerbread house mold and used it to create my Easter Bunny House craft!

As you know, I love resin, I love Easter and I LOVE this gingerbread house mold.

I have used the mold twice before! It works for ALL seasons!

The first time I used it was for a traditional Christmas Resin Gingerbread House, candy and all!

The second time was for a Haunted Zombie House! I bring it out every Halloween!

I have a summer cottage planned, but I just haven’t gotten to it quite yet!

But first, I’m going to do this bunny house craft for Easter!

Upclose easter bunnys in yard of the easter bunny house

Video of Easter Bunny House Craft

Here is the video, so you can see how I did it!

Easter Bunny House Craft Supplies

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Easter Bunny House Craft Directions

Step 1: Paint and First Pour of Resin

Paint the mold.

Easter bunny house craft walls painted yellow

I chose acrylic paint in yellow for the walls for the bunny house craft and white for the trim and roof. 

Painting will take a minimum of two coats, but figure three, possibly four. The paint does not want to adhere to the silicone, so it will take multiple coats.

Once all the coats are dry, prepare your resin, according to the package directions. I did six ounces at a time. I mixed in white resin pigment dye to give it all a solid look.

Pouring white resin into the mold for the walls

Pour the first six ounces into the mold. That should cover all the side panels – be sure you don’t over-pour. You want the resin to go into the window frames, but you DO NOT want them to cover the windows, so take your time and do it slowly!

Repeat and pour into the roof mold.

Step 3: Time for Clear Resin

Once the sides have cured, prepare six ounces of clear resin. You want to pour that onto the panels that have windows.  This way, the windows will remain clear, like actual windows.

Pouring clear resin in the easter bunny house craft to create the windows

Step 4: Fill and Remove

Prepare as much resin as you think you may need, if you want to top off any of the panels, and don’t forget to pour the door.

Once all have cured, you can remove them from the molds.

Walls, roof panels and door cured and demolded

Step 5: Put It All Together & Paint Accessories

Using a combination of E6000 glue and hot glue, I attached the panels to each other. The E6000 gives it a strong bond. The hot glue holds it in place, while the E6000 dries

Using E6000 to glue panels of the easter bunny house craft together

Cut a dowel rod to fit where the roof panels meet. Paint it pink (or whatever color you like). Paint the sidewalk disks in pastel colors, while you are at it.

Glue the dowel rod into place.

Step 6: Create the Grass

Place the house onto the wood plaque. Take a pencil and trace around it. Make sure it is where you want it permanently placed.

Mix green sand, green glitter, and white glue into a cup. Mix it well. I do not have exact measurements.  You just want to make sure the sand and glitter are all mixed and covered, but you don’t want it too wet.

Adding discs for yard steps and adding sand for grass

Using gloved hands and your stir stick, begin spreading it around the plaque. DO NOT apply it to where the house will be sitting. When you have the front lawn done, press the painted disc into place as the front walk.  

Allow to dry.

Step 7: Accessorize the Bunny House Craft

In the meantime, you can glue on small Easter eggs onto the front and back roof lines.

You can cut felt and add curtains if you want to. I just taped them in.

When the lawn has dried, it is time to add all the other elements.

Using E6000 to glue panels of the easter bunny house craft together

Accessories I added:

  • Picks for trees by drilling a hole in the lawn and the wood plaque, added glue, and stuck the picks in. 
  • Trimmed fake flowers and turned them into bushes.  
  • Glued a picket fence in place.
  • Made a little more grass mixture and covered up any hot glue that was showing. I also added some around the base of the newly planted trees.
  • I sculpted a couple of small bunnies out of polymer clay and added some chenille chicks in the yard.
  • Once everything was glued into place, I also printed a Happy Easter sign on card stock and glued it to a toothpick.  
  • I used a piece of wire and made a circle. To attach the little Easter eggs, I used E6000 and hot glue and I added a pink ribbon to finish off the wreath for the front door.
  • Put a battery-operated tea candle under the house, so it lights up at night!

Let your imagination run wild with all the accessories!!  

Holding the finished Easter bunny house craft with all of the accessories in place

That’s it!  Now you have a great Easter decoration or the Easter bunny house craft would make a fun centerpiece!!  

Resin Easter bunny house craft

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Thanks for stopping by!  Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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