Dawn Power Wash Painting Cool Art Technique!

If you enjoy creative art techniques, I have a cool art technique for you! It’s Dawn Power Wash Painting! Use it for an easy Valentine’s Day craft!

I bought another wood heart from Dollar Tree for a different version of a bubble painting craft!

I have made four other versions that I think you will love! Be sure to let me know which is your favorite!

I have one that looks like a Bubble Gum Heart. I have a Distressed Heart. Then, there is the heart that is Bursting with Glitter!

Oh, and there is one that involves a metal envelope!

I’m not adding anything to the heart this time, just this fun painting technique using Dawn Powerwash!

This is the first time I have tried this version of bubble painting and it could not be easier!

Spoiler Alert: I loved it so much that I am thinking about trying it out on furniture!

It’ll be a fun twist to a curbside find!

Did I tell you I made my sister grab something the other day?

Dawn Power Wash Painting a Cool Art Technique Video Tutorial

It’s so easy, I will give you bubble painting instructions for this creative art technique.


Directions for Dawn Power Wash Painting for a Valentine’s Day Heart

If you enjoy fun art hobbies, I’m thinking about a hundred things I’d like to paint this way!

Step 1: Break Out the Leftovers

You can buy spray paint but I happened to have lots of started cans, so I broke those out, as well as the Dollar Tree wood heart and the Dawn Powerwash.

Supplies for the Dawn Power Wash cool painting technique

Step 2: Start Spraying

First, I removed the string from the heart before I began spray painting.

The first step of this cool art technique is to start spraying splotches of different colors.

I did the one side, let it dry, and then the second. It’s totally okay to have the colors cover each other and blend if they want to.

The first coat should dry for a few minutes.

Be random with your paint splotches.

Spray painting a dollar tree wood heart for Valentine's Day craft

Step 3: Time for the Dawn Power Wash Painting

Once the paint has dried for a couple of minutes, you can spray the Dawn Powerwash. The first time I tried it, I didn’t spray very much and I waited a few minutes before spraying the red.

Don’t do what I did!

When you spray the Powerwash, be generous and don’t let it dry.

Spraying Dawn Powerwash for painting

Step 4: Top Coat

Don’t wait for the top coat. When you spray the Dawn Powerwash, immediately spray the top coat. I did red.

Spraying red paint over Dawn Power Wash

Step 5: Now for the Cool Art Technique Reveal

Once you spray the top coat, immediately rinse it off. Garden hose, mud sink, wherever you can.

It will reveal the fun results.

Use water to rinse of the paint and power wash

Can you see it on furniture yet?!?!

Let me know if you have any fun art hobbies you enjoy! I love learning new things!

Be sure to let me know which Valentine’s Day heart project you like the best!

Dawn Power Wash Painting is a cool art technique!

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