Dollar Tree Distressed Heart for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is in full swing at Dollar Tree! I’m always amazed at what they have and how they are constantly upping their craft supplies! I saw the hearts, so I grabbed one (or three…shhh!) wood hearts to make a beautiful distressed heart for Valentine’s Day!

I love working with their wood shapes and currently, their wood hearts are top of my list! I have done a few in the past, like this one, which reminds me of bubble gum and just makes me smile.

Or this one makes me think about the Valentine’s Day boxes we made to receive Valentines in grade school.

This time, I thought I’d try a distressed heart.

Distressed Heart Video Tutorial


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Directions for the Distressed Heart

Step 1: Paint Heart

Once I removed the string, I used acrylic paint to paint the whole heart red.

Paint the heart red to prepare it to be distressed

Step 2: Engrave the Heart

I traced the heart onto a piece of posterboard and took a picture of it. Then, I put it into the app that came with my laser engraver.

I added the word love and roses.

Once I had it all set up, I engraved the heart.

Using a laser engraver to engrave Love on hearts

Step 3: Seal it

The engraved heart looks pretty but does not have the contrast I want it to have. So, I sealed it with a satin varnish and let it dry.

Brushing varnish on distressed heart

Step 4: Paint it black

I broke out the black acrylic paint and painted over the whole thing.

Painting the whole heart black

Step 5: Distressed Heart Look

I used a sanding block to take down most of the black so the engraved parts popped.

It gave it a nice distressed look.

Using a sanding block is distressed heart to make the engravings pop

I put the string back on and it was time to hang it up!

Distressed heart hanging on a shiplap wall

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