Halloween Witch Platter Craft Tutorial


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Here is an inexpensive and easy craft to dress up your home for Halloween.  Perfect for cookies and treats!

You will need:
–  Glass plate
–  Glass candlestick
–  Orange spray paint
–  Black spray paint
–  Contact paper
–  Craft knife
–  Glue (I used a glass glue in the video – DON’T use that for this project!  It created a flaw in my final project after it finished curing.  I would specifically recommend Weldbond.  I tested it and it worked perfectly.  It dries clear and can be used on glass!)

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Find or draw an image that would work well as a silhouette.
2.  Trace the design onto contact paper.  Cut out design.
3.  Use glass cleaner to clean all fingerprints off the back of the plate.
4.  Carefully peel off the backing paper from the design.  Stick design onto the back of the glass plate.
5.  Make sure to burnish all of the edges, a credit card works well.
6.  Spray paint the back of the plate orange – give it enough coats that it is solid.
7.  When dry, peel off the contact paper – carefully!
8.  Spray paint the back of the plate black.
9.  Allow to dry.
10.  Glue candlestick onto the bottom.  I used a glass glue and when it finished curing, it created a flaw in my final platter, but strangely only on the orange part.  I tested a second glue and would now specifically recommend using Weldbond instead!  It dries clear and won’t create the flaw!

Thank you for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!

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