Small Cheesecloth Ghost Craft

Here is a small version of the cheesecloth ghost.  You can hang these around the house for a little spooky decorations!

 You will need:

–  Cheesecloth
–  Aluminum foil
–  Black felt
–  Liquid starch
–  Wire hanger
–  Wire cutters
–  Fishing line
–  Glue
–  Paint brush
–  Glitter – optional

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Create an armature with the wire hanger and foil.  Create round piece with the foil and cut the hanger to create a body.  See video to see how I created mine.
2.  Cut pieces of cheesecloth and put over you armature.  Brush on liquid starch, until saturated.
3.  Add additional layers (3-5 layers) and brush each with the starch.
Tip:  When saturated, the cheesecloth will start to hug the wire hanger and might get stuck to itself and then you won’t be able to remove the armature.  When that starts to happen, separate the cheesecloth and either put a small balloon or water bottle underneath, which will prevent it from reoccurring.
4.  Allow to dry over night.
5.  Cut out two eyes and a mouth – from the black felt and glue on.
6.  Poke two small holes in the top of the head and feed a piece of fishing line down through each hole.  You can knot the line at the bottom and I like to put a dab of glue on it, otherwise mine tends to untie.
7.  If you want to give him a little Halloween magical sparkle, run a bead of white glue along the bottom and on some of the folds and sprinkle with a white or clear glitter!

Have fun!  Happy Crafting and thank you for stopping by!


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