Creepy Spider Sac Craft Tutorial

This tutorial is for a small spider sac.  It helps add a little creepy to your Halloween decor!  You could have a bunch of these little sacs hanging all over the place!

 You will need:
–  Liquid starch
–  White thread/string
–  Glue
–  Plastic spiders
–  Small balloon
–  Glitter
–  Clothing hanger

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Put starch in a bowl
2.  Blow up balloon into a round ball
3.  Cut off a length of thread and carefully put it into the starch.  If you just throw it in the starch all willy-nilly, it will get tangled up.
4.  Tie a string on the end of the balloon
5.  Begin taking the thread that is in the starch and wrap it around the balloon –  all the while keeping the string tied to the balloon from getting tangled with the string you are wrapping.  The string tied to the balloon is temporary and will be used to hang the wet sac overnight to dry.  After it is dry, it will be removed, so it is important to make sure it does not get tangled with the other string.
6.  When you have the balloon covered as much as you want, tie the string that is tied to balloon onto a clothing hanger and hang some place where it can drip dry over night.  While it is hanging, take more strings and begin letting them hang and then wrap them so they are hanging down.  It’s best to watch the video for this part.
7.  Allow to dry overnight.
8.  Remove from the hanger and pop the balloon with a toothpick
9.  Carefully remove the balloon
10.  Take a dry string and thread it through the sac, with the elongated side up.  Tie a knot and put a dab of glue on the knot.  Now move the string so the knot is hidden in the sac.
11.  Glue your spiders on the outside of the sac.  Put some right on the string that is to be used to hang the sac, so it is up against the sac.
12.  Glue on remaining spiders.
13.  Take white glue and glitter and here and there put on some white glue and sprinkle on the glitter to give it a little Halloween magic!
14.  Hang it up and creep everyone out!
Happy Crafting and Happy Halloween!


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