DIY Beachy Vases or Votives Dollar Store Makeover Craft Klatch

I love crafting with dollar store items because they are inexpensive and you can do so many fun and creative things with them.  This beachy vase or candleholder craft is perfect for weddings, summer entertainment or just to brighten up your decor! 

Here is a quick video tutorial, so you can see how I made it:

I bought these glass votive holders, but they could also be used as vases.  I found them at Dollar Tree and wanted to give them an easy beachy makeover.  If you watch my channel, you know I love anything beachy!

If you don’t have a Dollar Tree nearby, you can find what you need on Amazon:
–  Glass votives:
–  Martha Stewart frost glass paint:
–  Makeup sponges:
-Alternative frost paint, in a variety of colors:

I wrote a book! 
Be sure to pick up your copy today!!


1.  First I cleaned them with a little rubbing alcohol, to make sure there weren’t any oils or grease to prevent the paint from sticking.    

2.   I used Martha Stewart Frost glass paint, in different colors.  Using makeup sponges, also from the dollar store, I dabbed a thin layer on the entire outer surface.  I had my hand on the inside of the vase, so I wouldn’t smudge the paint while working.  Once covered, I let it dry.

3.   Once dry, I repeated with a total of four thin coats.
You can leave them to dry and they become permanent in a couple of weeks, or you can put them in the oven to set the color sooner!

Now you have your beachy, frosty votives or vases to brighten up your decor!  Think summer parties, weddings, summer decor! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting and stay safe!


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