Big String Easter Egg Craft Tutorial

Here’s an easy craft!  They are Big String Easter Eggs!!

You will need:

–  Liquid starch – do not water down
–  Big balloon
–  Embroidery floss – I used three spools (I don’t know what the correct term is) of two different colors.  For example, on the left egg I used three spools of green and three spools of pink.

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Blow up your balloon and tie it.
2.  Take your embroidery floss and unwind it into the starch – do one spool at a time
3.  Wind the floss around the balloon and then repeat with the other spools
4.  Sit it on a cup to dry, or hang it to dry
5.  When dry, tie on a colorful ribbon, or fishing line

That’s it!  Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!  Happy Easter!!


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