DIY Duct Tape Ornaments How To

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I was asked to do easy ornaments and duct tape crafts.  I thought I would combine the two and here they are!

You will need:

–  Duct or Duck tape in whatever color or pattern you want and silver
–  Craft knife
–  Glitter
–  Glue
–  Hole punch
–  Fishing line

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Take a length of duct tape (4 – 6 inches +/-) and stick it to another piece the same length.  When attaching it, make sure it is offset a little.
2.  Take two more pieces and stick to the other piece.  You are making a small sheet of duct tape.
3.  Use the inside of the duct tape roll and draw a circle on the sheet.
4.  Cut out the circle.
5.  Take a thin strip of silver duct tape and tape to the edge of the circle.  Trim to make it look like the ornament cap.
6.  Use glue and glitter to decorate.  Or use thin strips of duct tape to decorate.
7.  Use a small hole punch to punch a hole in the silver piece.
8.  String a piece of fishing line through the hole and tie a knot.

That’s it!  Easy duct tape ornaments for Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!


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