Garbage to Gorgeous® Episode #20 ~ Thanksgiving Grateful Sign ~ Craft Klatch

Learn how to make a grateful sign for Thanksgiving!  

Here is a quick video tutorial to show you exactly how I made it:

You will need:
Piece of plywood sized to whatever size you need
Tools or anything to help distress the wood
Stencil or cutting machine:
Acrylic paint:
(I used burnt umber, orange, gray and white)
Matte varnish:


1.  I had a piece of plywood laying around and decided to turn it into a sign for Thanksgiving.

2.  I painted it orange.

3.  I created the words in Cricut Design Space.  You can size it any size to fit the material you have.

4.  Then I cut it out of vinyl.

5.  I put pulled off the excess vinyl and put transfer tape over it.  Then, I pulled up the transfer tape to get the lettering.

6.  I then laid down the lettering onto the painted board (which was now dry).

7.  I then burnished it all down.

8.  Then I pulled back the transfer tape, leaving the lettering behind.

9.  Then I decided a bird might be a nice touch.

10.  I painted over everything with the same orange paint.  I do this so it seals the vinyl and we will get nice crisp edges.

11.  I used gray and white paint and painted over everything.  It blends together nicely.

All over…

12.  Once that dried, I watered down some burnt umber paint and painted it over…

 …and removed it with a paper towel.  I just wanted to tint/age it.

13.  Once dry, I peeled off the vinyl.

Don’t forget the bird!

If you are going to use the sign inside, you don’t have to seal it.  If you are going to use it outside, I would recommend sealing it with an appropriate matte finish that is for indoors or outdoors.

You can create a whole Thanksgiving themed display.  You can find the other projects below!

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember, Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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