Goldfish Golf Ball Recycling Craft with Video Tutorial

It’s time for another golf ball recycling craft! This time we are making a goldfish that you don’t have to feed or keep in water!

Goldfish Making Supplies

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Goldfish Video Tutorial

Goldfish Making Directions

Step 1

Paint the golf ball orange – that will take at least two coats.

paint golf ball orange

Step 2

Cut fins out of the orange foam. You will need two top fins, one bottom fin, two side fins and one tail fin.

Cut fish fins out of orange craft foam

Step 3

Cut lips out of the red craft foam. Use a fine permanent marker to draw the details on the lips.

Cut lips out of red craft foam

Step 4

Drill a hole into the top of the golf ball, for the eye screw. Screw in the eye screw.

Drill hole into orange golf ball

Step 5

Punch a hole into each of the top fins, making sure they line up.

Punch holes into goldfish fins

Step 6

Glue on fins and tail.

Glue on fins

Step 7

String the fishing line through the fins and eyescrew.  

string fishing line through goldfish fins

Step 8

Glue on google eyes.

Glue on google eyes

Step 9

Use a permanent marker to draw on eyelashes.

Draw on eyelashes with permanent marker

Step 10

Use the puffy paint to paint the fins and cover up any glue or seams. Allow to dry.

paint fins with orange puffy paint

That’s it!

Finished golf ball goldfish craft diy

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Golf ball goldfish craft

You Like Goldfish But…

You like goldfish but you don’t feel like making one. No Problem! Here is some fun goldfish stuff you will love and you don’t have to make!

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golf ball goldfish

Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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