How to Make a Magnetic Travel Tic Tac Toe Game

If you are looking for a fun way to personalize a game, I have the perfect idea!  You can make these as stocking stuffers, or for when you are going to take a trip!  You can personalize them with nail polish, or pictures from magazines, for pictures of your family!  Just think, you can have a number of different magnets.  You could have a set for each member in your family!

I went a little more generic and went with crackle nail polish.  
You will need:
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–  Unfinished box from the craft store
–  Glass stones:
–  Nail polish:
–  Acrylic paint:
–  Magnetic paint:
–  Painter’s tape:
–  Magnets:
Here is the video tutorial:


How to make the stones:

1.  To make the stones, you need to work on the back or flat side of the stone ONLY.  Starting with a clear polish, paint that onto the  flat part of the stone and allow to dry.
2.  Take the crackle coat and apply to the flat surface was well.  As it dries, it will crackle.
3.  When dry, brush on whatever color polish you want to have show through.  You might want two coats (depending on coverage).
4.  Follow up with a clear coat and let dry.
5.  Glue on magnet.

How to make the box:

1.  Remove all the hardware from the box.  I didn’t want to get paint all over it, so I removed it.
2.  Paint the entire box – I chose black and it took two coats.
3.  Using your magnetic paint, paint only the area you want to have be magnetic.  In my case, the box had a box cut outlined and it was perfect for what I needed.  The paint I used called for at least two coats.
4.  I used the end of a skewer to make polka dots on the top of the box and I used the nail polish brush to do stripes on the side of the box.
5.  When the magnetic paint was dry, I used painter’s tape to mark off thin lines for the game.  I then used white acrylic paint to stencil the lines on.
6.  I finished everything with a high gloss sealer.

That’s it!  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!


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  1. What a great idea. This is so cute. I will surely give this idea a try. But I really hope that it will turn out as beautiful as yours.


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