Magnetic Nail Polish Tutorial

I was contacted by Jessica at, after she watched my Nail Polish and Glass Stones Video.  She featured my video on their blog and asked if I had ever used magnetic nail polish.  I hadn’t and she was kind enough to send me a bottle.

I received the China Glaze Magnetix polish in the Cling On (1104) color.  It’s a beautiful metallic almost grayish-green.  It comes with a horseshoe shaped magnet that has three sections.  You apply the nail polish to your nail and then put the magnet over it.  The magnet actually is three small magnets that have designs, somehow built into them.  Choose a design and put it over the wet polish, it will create the design on your polish and it will dry that way!!  It is so cool!

If you want to see how it works, check out the video below:

Then, I took it one step further and tried it on the glass stones to see what kind of an effect I would get. Here’s the video if you want to find out

Thanks again to and I hope you check out their site!

Here is the original Nail Polish Glass Stone video:

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