Polymer Clay Penguin Ornament DIY

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It’s been a while since I have done anything with polymer clay and I thought I’d make a penguin ornament for the holidays!

You will need:
–  Polymer clay – black, white, orange, red, pink
–  Small eye screw
–  Ribbon
–  Black acrylic paint
–  White acrylic paint

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Roll the black clay into two balls – a larger for the body and a smaller for the head.
2.  Put them together – shape them and blend together.
3.  Take the white clay and roll a small amount into a circle and flatten it down.  With a knitting needle or needle tool, create a indent.  Place the piece on the face of the penguin and flatten it in.  Make sure the indent is toward the top of the head.
4.  Flatten a larger white piece into an oval and attach to the belly.
5.  Create two black balls and flatten them into the shape of wings.  Attach to the body.
6.  Take two orange pieces and shape into triangles, for the feet.  Attach to the bottom of the penguin.
7.  With a needle tool, create indents in the feet.
8.  Take two small black balls and flatten for the eyes and attach to the face.
9.  Create a cone shape, with orange clay, and attach to the face as the beak.
10.  To create the scarf and ear muffs, I had a leftover piece of pink and red swirled clay.  I made it by making two snakes of pink and red.  I put them together and twisted them.  I rolled it and twisted it continually.  For the scarf, I measured it around the neck of the penguin and cut it to size.  I then took it off and flattened it.  I used a blade tool to cut in fringes at both ends.  I put it back around the neck of the penguin and shaped it as I wanted. I created a thin flat piece for the ear muffs and placed it over the head.  I then cut two round pieces and put it over both ears.
11.  I took my needle tool and created a hole in the top of the head.
12.  I baked it according to the package directions.
13.  Once I took it out, I painted white of the eyes with acrylic paint.  Once dry, I painted on the pupil and eyebrows, with black acrylic paint.
14.  I took a small eye screw and twisted it into the head of the penguin.
15.  Add a ribbon and hang on the tree!

These make great gifts or party favors!  Make them smaller to make earrings or a necklace!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!


Here are some of the items I used, available at Amazon, incase you want to give it a try:

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