Bat Craft Silhouette Craft Tutorial

Can you see a tree full of these!  How great would that look?
This is an easy craft for Halloween.
You will need:
–  Black craft foam
–  Heat gun, or iron – a hair dryer might work (I haven’t tried it)
–  Hole punch
–  Scissors
–  Fishing line
Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Draw or trace template of bat on craft foam
2.  Cut out bat with regular scissors
3.  Use heat gun to bend and mold the craft foam into shape.  It’s best to watch the video for this part.  It’s easier to understand by seeing.
4.  Punch a hole in the bat (I used a very small hole punch) to string fishing line through to hang.
5.  Hang up and enjoy!  Spook up your yard!

Thanks for stopping by.  The template for the bat silhouette is below.  Happy Crafting and Happy Halloween!


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