Fishing Lure Coaster Craft Tutorial – Great Father’s Day Gift!

I realized I have not made a coaster is a while!  Too long in fact!

Here is my latest creation, a Fishing Lure Coaster, just in time for Father’s Day!!

You will need:

–  A fishing lure
–  Wire cutters
–  Coaster mold
–  Resin – I use Easy Cast Resin
For more info about Easy Cast Resin and where you can buy it, go to

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Create your coaster mold.  If you don’t know how, check out this video:

2.  If your lure has three prong hooks, snip one off, so there are only too.  The third hook would be at the top of the coaster and you would need to use a lot more resin to make sure it is covered.
3.  Prepare your resin, according to package directions.
4.  Pour some of your resin into the mold and add 
5.  Add your lure and fill until covered.
6.  Allow to cure for at least 12 hours.
7.  Unmold and clean up if necessary.

That’s it!

Happy Crafting and thanks for stopping by!


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