Handprint Fish Plaque Craft Tutorial – Great Father’s Day Gift

I was contacted by one of my viewers, Dustin, about making a birthday gift for his father. He had some handprints that he and his sister made and he didn’t know what to do with them. When he saw my Coconut Kissing Fish video, he decided to turn them into handprint fish. He did a great job too! I don’t think my fish turned out as well as his. Thanks, Dustin!!

Dustin’s Handprint Fish

This awesome piece of art was my inspiration! Though this technique is not new, it did inspire me to make my first…ever!

Handprint fish art three fish - a purple, red and blue with coral bubbles and seaweed

That picture inspired me to make the fish plaque.

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Supplies For Handprint Fish

Here is the Handprint Fish Video Tutorial

Before We Make the Handprint Fish

Before we get started on the directions for the handprint fish, I think we should talk about other ways or ideas to use this technique. Dustin did his fish art on paper, which could easily be framed. I did it on a wood plaque that can be easily hung.

Here a few other ideas to use your handprint fish:

Handprint Fish Directions

1.  Paint the plaque with a dark color. I used a medium gray and raw umber.  Let dry.

2.  Paint over the plaque with a coat of a light color – I used a parchment white. Allow it to dry.

3.  Take some sandpaper and sand in random areas on the plaque to give it a distressed and worn look.  Make sure get the edges, which would normally wear more than the flat areas.

4.  Paint the birch plywood with a light blue – let dry.

5.  With a dry brush, take some darker blue paint and give it a light, dry brush strokes over the light blue, just to give it more interest and character. You are making the background for your handprint fish.

6.  Take the color you want the fish to be and paint it on the palm of your hand.

Tip:  Before making the handprint fish, make sure your hands are lotioned beforehand.  

Then carefully place your hand on the plywood and press down. Make sure you don’t move your hand and smear the fish. Give gentle pressure with your other hand.  

7.  Remove hand and touch up as needed.

8.  Use pink acrylic paint to paint the lips.

9.  Use white for the bubble.

10.  Use brushes and other tools to fill in and decorate the handprint fish. Allow to dry.

11.  Paint the plywood onto the plaque using a good glue. Allow to dry.

12.  In the meantime, if you are planning on adding a word or name, use your dark colors to paint it.

That’s it!

Other Handmade Projects!

Father’s Day Fish Gift Ideas

If you aren’t up to making the handprint fish, here are some other fish themed Father’s Day gift ideas that might work for you!

Remember: Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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Handprint Fish art for Father's Day

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