Acorn Cap Christmas Ornament

Bring a little nature to your Christmas decorations!  Gather up some acorn caps and create a one of a kind ornament!

You will need (affiliate links): 
–  Styrofoam ball:
–  Acorn caps:
–  Hot glue and/or other glue:
–  Red bugle beads:
–  Brown acrylic paint:
–  Green ribbon:
–  Triple Thick:
–  Gold glitter spray – optional:

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Paint the styrofoam ball brown and allow to dry.

2.  Poke a hole through the styrofoam ball – going all the way through.

3.  Using a combination of hot glue and other glue, apply to the inside of the acorn cap.  Using the combo of hot glue and other glue, it allows the acorn cap to stay in place while the other glue is drying.

4.  Do one layer all around the styrofoam ball.  You will have gaps and that is why you do a second layer, making sure to cover up the holes.  But don’t cover the hole you made.  Allow to dry.

5.  Spray a light coat of glitter spray on acorns and allow to dry.  (You can do this after the Triple Thick step if you would rather) and then cover the whole thing with Triple Thick and allow to dry.

6.  Glue on bugle beads in various places around the acorn ball.  

7.  Thread through the ribbon.  Using a skewer stick is helpful.  Knot it at the bottom of the ball and add some hot glue.  Trim off excess and cover with bugle beads.

8.  Add a bow to the top.  

That’s it!  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays!  Happy Crafting!


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