Button Heart Coaster Craft Tutorial – Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Here is another coaster idea.  I took the button heart I made and decided to make it into a coaster.  You can see how I made the button heart here:

What you will need to make the coaster:

–  Button heart
–  Easy Cast resin
–  Silicone egg shaper
–  Round cork
–  Pink acrylic paint
–  Hot glue
–  Parchment paper

Here is the video tutorial on the coaster:

1.  Paint the cork light pink and allow to dry.
2.  Insert the cork into the egg shaper
3.  Hot glue the outside of the egg shaper onto the parchment paper. 
**You work on parchment paper because resin and hot glue will not permanently stick to parchment paper, they peel right off.  You must use a silicone egg shaper because the resin will not stick to the silicone.
4.  Prepare your Easy Cast resin according to the directions included with the package.
5.  Pour the resin into your mold.
6.  As the resin cures, bubbles will rise to the top.  I use a lighter and carefully run it along the top surface of the resin and it will pop the bubbles.  You can also use a straw and blow on them and that works too.  

Allow to cure for 12 hours or more before removing the mold.

That’s it!
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!


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