Candy Heart Valentine’s Day Coaster Craft Tutorial

I love conversation hearts!  Granted, we didn’t have LOL or WHUZ UP?  when I was growing up, but I can roll with it!

I thought this would be a cute way to preserve and display them.

You will need:

–  Parchment paper
–  Egg shaper – must be silicone
–  Resin – I use Easy Cast

–  Candy hearts
–  Hot glue
–  Straw

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Place the silicone egg shaper on your parchment paper and run hot glue around it – making sure there aren’t any holes.  This creates a dam so the resin won’t run out under the rim of the egg shaper.  The resin will not stick to the parchment paper or the silicone egg shaper.

2.  Prepare your resin and put a thin layer in the bottom of your mold – this will insure the bottom of the candy will be coated in resin.

3.  Place your candy hearts into the resin.  It’s handy to have a wooded skewer on hand to move the candy around in the resin if you need to do a little shifting.

4.  With your mixing stick, take the resin and scoop a bit on each individual heart.  This will again insure that the candy is completely coated.

5.  When you have all your resin in, allow a few minutes for bubbles to rise to the top.  Then, take your straw and blow on the resin and it should pop the bubbles.  You should check back a few times.

TIP:  I just learned (after I did this of course) that when resin is cold you get a lot of little bubbles.  I have had that on the last two projects and it is cold here.  Next time, I’m going to set the bottles into a small bowl of warm water and see if it helps.

6.  Allow to dry.  I usually put a piece of paper or something over the piece – making sure it isn’t touching the resin – just to keep the dust out.

7.  Remove from mold and let it continue to cure!

That’s it.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!


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