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Learn how to make a 4th of July Sign using a Cricut cutting machine!  Cricut crafts are easy and fun!  It makes it an easy Fourth of July craft!

You will need:

Tray:  I bought mine at Hobby Lobby, but there are a bunch of great alternatives available:
Silver paint:
Gold paint:
Blue paint:
Black paint:
Red paint:
Cricut on Amazon:
Cricut from Cricut:
Removable vinyl:
Transfer tape:

Fireworks image (royalty free):

Here is a video tutorial, so you can see exactly how I made it!

I had an unfinished tray and turned it into a 4th of July sign!

1.  I painted the tray silver – it took two coats.

2.  I cut a firework out of vinyl, with my Cricut machine.  You can find the firework image HERE.  I also cut out the words “4th of July”.

3.  I peeled the excess vinyl off.

4.  I placed it on the tray, just to get an idea of placement.

5.  I put my finger in the middle of the firework…

…and put a piece of paper in the spot, so I could remember where it was.

6.  I used a stencil brush and painted some gold where I had the paper marking it.

7.  I added transfer tape to my images.

8.  I placed the firework image, with the gold in the middle of the image.

9.  I placed it down and burnished it with my scraper tool.

10.  I peeled the transfer tape off.

11.  I then burnished the vinyl down again, to make sure all of the edges are well adhered.

12.  I painted over the vinyl, with the silver paint.  I painted in all directions, to make sure the edges were sealed with the silver paint and the final color would not seep through.

13.  Once dry, I decided on a placement for the 4th of July words and painted it red, where they would be.  

14.  Once dry, place the “4th of July” words onto the red.

15.  I burnished it down.

16.  I removed the transfer tape.

17.  I went over it with the red paint.

18.  Once dry, I painted everything with a combination of black and blue acrylic paint.  It took two coats.

19.  Once dry, I removed the vinyl.

That’s it!  Now you have a cool sign for the 4th of July!  If you want to put it outside, you can seal it with an outdoor sealer.

Thanks for stopping by!  If you want to see other projects I made with the same tray, you can find them here:

Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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