DIY Resin Donut Paperweight ~ Craft Klatch ~ How To

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Have a little fun decorating your desk!  Decorate it with a resin donut paperweight!

You will need:
–  Silicone mold:
–  Resin:
–  Ultimate glue:
–  Pink acrylic paint
–  White acrylic paint
–  Resin pigments
     –  Brown:
     –  White:
     –  Yellow:
–  Colorful beads:
Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Mix two ounces of resin, according to the package directions.
2.  Mix in a little brown, white and yellow to create a bread/dough color.
3.  Pour one ounce into two cavities.
4.  Pop the bubbles with the lighter.  Allow to cure for a minimum of 12 hours.
5.  Unmold the two halves.
6.  You may find they look like bagel halves.  Take the glue and glue the two halves together to create the donut.  Allow the glue to dry.
7.  In a cup, mix glue, with a little bit of pink acrylic paint.  You can add a little white as well.  Remember, you are mixing the paint with white glue, so it will look very pastel.  However, the glue dries clear, so the end color will be darker. 
8.  Spread the glue mixture on the donut, like you are frosting it.
9.  While the glue is wet, sprinkle the beads on the glue, so they will stick.
10.  Allow everything to dry!

That’s it!  Once dry, you can hold down a stack of papers, or a stack of napkins at a picnic!

Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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