How to Make Hot Air Balloon Coasters | Another Coaster Friday

Learn how to make Hot Air Balloon Coasters! It requires minimal woodworking skills, but lots of imagination!

Materials list:

1/4 inch plywood:
Wire hanger: (check your closet)
Acrylic paint:
Polyacrylic sealer:
Wire cutters:
The saw I use:

Here is a quick video tutorial:


1.  I cut out a balloon and basket shape out of paper.

2.  I traced the shapes out onto the plywood.

3.  I cut it out with my saw.

4.  Here are the cut outs.

5.  I sanded the edges.

6.  I selected bright colors of acrylic paint.

7.  I painted the balloons.  You can do any design you like, but it would be fun to have kids paint them.

8.  I painted the basket with a tan color.

Then did some brown accents.

 9.  I painted the bottom of the balloon brown.

10.  I cut a wire hanger to attach the basket to the balloon.

11.  I drilled holes into the basket and the bottom of the balloon.

12.  I cut the white covering off of the hanger pieces.

13.  I inserted the wires into the basket and bottom of the balloons.  If the wire fits tight, you don’t need to add any glue.  However, if the wire is looser, a dab of glue on the ends of the wire will keep it all in place.

14.  To give it a more finished look, I used a black paint pen and outlined the colors and the edges.  

15.  I painted the back black, but you could repeat the same pattern on the back, or do a whole different design.

16.  I used a poly acrylic sealer, in satin, to finish it all off.

That’s it!  It’s perfect to hold your cups and add a splash of color to your decor!

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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