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Greg and I went to visit my Aunt Rose, down in Florida, a couple of months ago.  She retired down there a number of years ago.  She’s very actively involved in playing cards.  She taught us a few different game and there was on in particular that stuck with us.  She said some people call it Love Your Neighbor, while others call it Screw Your Neighbor.

In a future post, I will teach you how to play it.

Since they bet on their games, I decided it would be fun to make a bowl/dish for her to use when people come over.  It would function as the kitty or pot for the money to go into.

This is what I came up with:

You will need:

–  Silicone bowl mold~ see how I made it here:

–  Resin:

–  Fine glitter – green and yellow

–  Playing card buttons

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  Mix two ounces of resin and mix in the green glitter.
2.  Once well mixed, pour it into the side of the mold.  If you drip some on the middle, just let it cure and then you can clean it up easier.
3.  Pop bubbles with the lighter and allow to cure a minimum of 12 hours.
4.  Mix two more ounces of resin and mix in yellow, fine glitter.  
5.  Pour it into the mold and pop bubbles with lighter.  Allow to cure at least 12 hours.
6.  Unmold the bowl.
7.  Once on molded you can glue in the plastic buttons and cards.  Make sure you use a glue that dries clear.  Allow to dry.  TIP:  If you cut off the back of the buttons, they will lay flatter in the bowl.
8.  Once the glue has dried, mix two more ounces of the resin and pour it over.  Pop bubbles with lighter.  Allow to cure a minimum of 12 hours.

Here’s another project I made with that mold:

That’s it!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!TM  Stay safe!


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