Paper Flower Coaster DIY – Another Coaster Friday

I had the pleasure of doing a collab video this week, with my new friend Jenny, from JosTheBomb YouTube channel and!  We decided on flower themed coasters.

Here is mine:

Here is Jenny’s video:
 If you don’t know Jenny, I think you should!  She has lots videos you should definitely check out!
Here is what you will need for mine:
–  White acrylic paint
–  Two different colors of scrapbook paper
Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Mix your resin according to the package directions.  You only need around once ounce for the base.  
2.  Mix white pigment and yellow and green pigment into the resin.  Adjust until you get the color you want.
3.  Pour into the mold and pop bubbles with either a straw, or lighter.
4.  Allow to cure at least 12 hours.
5.  Use a flower paper punch and punch out six flowers out of the lighter pink paper and six out of the darker pink paper.
6.  Using Super Gloss Mod Podge, apply it to the resin coaster and add the light flowers to the coaster.  Apply another layer of the Mod Podge over them.
7.  Place the darker flowers on top of, but offset on the lighter flowers and add another coat of the Mod Podge.
8.  Allow everything to completely dry!
9.  Using the end of a small paint brush, or a skewer to put a small dot of white acrylic paint in the middle of each flower.  Allow to dry.
10.  Mix more resin, according to the package directions  (another one ounce would be enough).
11.  Pour over coaster and allow to cure a minimum of 12 hours before unmolding.

Remember to stop by Jenny’s website and watch her coaster video!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting and stay safe!

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