Sheep Golf Ball DIY Recycling Craft Series Craft Klatch

It’s time for another golf ball critter! Today we are doing a fluffy sheep! Sheep to help you sleep!

row of sheep

Supplies You Will Need to Make the Sheep

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Here is the Sheep Video Tutorial

Sheep Directions

1.  Drill holes into the golf ball for the legs.

Drill hole into golf ball

2.  Put glue in the holes and then put in the golf tees.

Put glue into the holes in the golf ball
Add golf tees to the holes to make the sheep legs
Stand golf ball on golf tee legs for sheep body

3.  Glue on the wood tag for the face.

Add glue to back of wood tag
Glue wood tag onto the side of the golf ball

4.  Drill a hole in the top and screw in the eye screw.

Drill hole into top of golf ball with golf ball tees for legs and tag for face
screw in eyescrew into the top of the golf ball

5.  Once the glue dries, paint it all black and allow to dry.

suspend the golf ball sheep body and spray paint it black

6. Cut two ear shapes out of the felt. Glue onto the head.

Cut two ear shapes out of black felt
glue the ears onto the sheep

7.  Glue on eyes.

Glue on google eyes to the sheep's head

8.  Glue the medium pom poms onto the body.

Glue white pom poms onto sheep's body
Glue white pom poms onto sheep's body
Glue white pom poms onto sheep's body
Finished golf ball sheep

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Fun Sheep Stuff

Check out these fun sheep items…decor and more!

That’s it! I hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by! Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™ Stay safe!


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Golf ball sheep craft project
five sheep with pink and yellow background

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