Patriotic Decorative String Balls

Summer is here and this is a great craft for the coming Fourth of July holiday!  I have them displayed in a bowl on my kitchen table, but you could string them up and make a garland or hang them from trees (weather permitting – they wouldn’t do well in the rain!).  It’s a fun way to add a little red, white and blue to your decor!

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Here’s a video tutorial if you want to see how I did it:  

You will need:
–  String or embroidery floss:
–  Liquid starch:
–  Small balloons: 

1.  Gather your items, your starch, string and/or floss and balloons.  Blow up a balloon to the size you want.

2.  Put liquid starch in a bowl and unwind embroidery floss or string into the bowl – this is a good tip because if you just put the string or floss in the starch in one clump, you are going to find it’s knotted up as you are trying to wind it around the balloon.

3.  Begin winding the string or floss around the balloon in a random pattern.

4.   When you have it as full as you want, you can either set it on a glass to dry, or you can hang it from the tied portion of the balloon.

5.   When the string is completely dry, pop the balloon and you will have beautiful decorations for your all patriotic holidays!  You can gently pull the popped balloon out.

This is a great craft for kids.  If it’s nice outside, have them do it there.  The starch is easy to clean up even if you end up doing it inside.  I originally tried this with fabric stiffener and found it to be messy and it left chunks of residue between the strings.  The starch comes out perfectly and you don’t have to do anything to after!!

Don’t think this craft is only for the holidays!  You can brighten up any decor with these string balls.  I really enjoyed using the embroidery floss.  I bought one bunch for 39 cents and it makes one ball.  It comes in beautiful colors and you could make them for decorations for a kids room or any room to match the decor.  It’s inexpensive and fun!  The possibilities are endless!

Happy Crafting!  I’d love for you to share your comments and pictures of what you have done!


Here are some of the items I used, available at Amazon.  It’s hard for me to tell, but I think the balloons are the similar to the small ones I used.

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  1. I love this craft. So fantastic and so creative as well! This is one of the few creations I love so much. These patriotic decorative string balls are indeed a perfect project for Independence Day. I would love to share this creation to my friends. I'm pretty sure they'll going to love this, too.



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