Bird’s Nest Nature Craft

I made this bird’s nest craft as a table decor.  You could make a large one for a centerpiece, just use a larger balloon.  I used a wood egg from the craft store and painted it blue, like a robin egg.  You could use a permanent marker and write a name on the egg and use it instead of a place card.

Here is a tutorial to see how I did it:

You will need:
–  brown embroidery floss
–  liquid starch
–  small water balloon
–  wooden egg
–  Put liquid starch in a bowl
–  Unwind embroidery floss into the starch (if you put is in like it is when you buy it, it will tangle)
–  Blow up balloon to desired size
–  Start laying the embroidery floss on the balloon in a nest shape.  I went further down and then pushed it up at the bottom.  (see video)
–  Allow to completely dry 
–  Pop balloon and you have a cute bird’s nest
–  Paint the egg and allow to dry
–  Put egg in nest
Fun for you and fun to have the kids help!  
I think this would is great for Easter, a spring dinner party, or especially fun for a baby shower!
Have fun with it and as always I love comments and would love to see what you come up with!
Happy Crafting!

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