S’mores On A Stick

Don’t have a campfire?  Just do s’mores on a stick!  It’s easy!  It’s a fun dessert for any summer gathering.

You will need:

–  Lollipop sticks (available at craft stores and party stores)
–  Milk chocolate chips (melted)
–  Marshmallows
–  Crushed graham crackers (you can crush them yourself, but I bought the already crushed ones)

Here is a tutorial to see how I did it:


1.  Melt chocolate in microwave.  The most important tip here is to do it for 15 seconds at a time and stirring between.  Microwave until it stirs and is smooth.  All microwaves vary and you will have to experiment with yours.

2.  Take marshmallow and skewer it on the lollipop stick.

3.  Have crushed graham crackers ready in a small bowl.

4.  Dip marshmallow approximately half way down in the milk chocolate.  Kind of swirl it around as you are removing it.

5.  Immediately dip/roll chocolate portion in the graham crackers.

I put the sticks of my s’mores on a stick in a bowl of rice to cool and dry – styrofoam would work equally as well.  Allow to dry/cool.  Put in a decorative bowl with colored rice, coffee beans, rocks, anything decorative that goes with your party theme.

People with snatch them up quickly when you put them out, so make plenty!

I would love to see what you come up with!  Share here or on our Facebook page!  I love comments!

Happy Crafting!

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