Photo Resin Coaster Craft Tutorial

I’ve been trying to do different things with the resin coasters and this latest one is decoupaging a picture onto the resin.  This picture happens to be of Spooky the Cat.  She came to me 9 years ago.  She walked in the front door and never left.  In fact, she’s sleeping in her bed on my desk as I write this.

You will need:

–  Coaster mold – I will attach the video below so you can see how I made mine
–  Resin – I use Easy Cast
–  Mod Podge
–  Glitter
–  Picture – the picture can be a regular photograph, a laser print, a picture from a magazine or a print from a copy machine – I know most people use inkjet printers.  Inkjet ink is water-based and so is the Mod Podge we will be using.  Therefore, the ink will run or smear.  I have found an article on how to decoupage with inkjet prints and you can find some really interesting information that might help at this link:
How to Prevent Smudges and Bleeding When Using an Inkjet Printer

Here is the video tutorial:
1.  Prepare your mold (see video below)
2.  Prepare your resin
3.  Pour a thin layer of resin into the mold and sprinkle in your glitter.  Let the glitter settle and let the resin cure for 12 hours.
4.  If the surface is flat enough, decoupage the picture onto the resin.  If the surface is too lumpy, do a thin pour of resin to level the surface and allow to cure.
5.  When you have decoupaged the picture onto the resin, allow the Mod Podge to dry completely.  If it does not dry completely, it will always stay white or cloudy.
6.  When dry, do another pour over the picture and allow it all to level out and allow it to cure for 12 hours.
7.  When cured, unmold it!
Now you have a great coaster that is personal to you!  
Here is the video on how to prepare the coaster mold:
Thank you for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

4 thoughts on “Photo Resin Coaster Craft Tutorial”

  1. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  2. You are inspiring! After watching a few of your tutorials I decided to make some coasters for my daughter 🙂 One was to be a digital photo (and i didn't even see this tutorial first) I got the print and picked up both some Modge Podge and Krylon. In preparation, I applied the Krylon and then had a whole lot of questions I hadn't considered first and found the article you had sited. In your tutorial your pic was printed on regular paper vs. digital ink jet photo…This tutorial actually caused me to have more questions…1. Do I need to use both the Krylon and the Modge Podge? 2. Can I do this within a single pour? 3. Will a digital photo get wrinkles in it? I am not meaning to be overwhelming with my questions I just need some help in my feeble attempts to get it right! Any tips you could add would be great or a tutorial on using digital ink jet photos! Been looking all over and can't really seem to find what I really need to know and you seem to be the Master Crafter with the coaster thing. It's really cool and creative!

    • Thank you! I don't personally use inkjet printers for this, so I don't know if I am the right person to ask. One of my subscribers did mention, a while back, that she does use inkjet and if she lets it dry (I can't remember how long, so I'm going to say a week), then it doesn't smear. I have no experience with it, but you can always do a test and see if it works for you.

      You need to do two pours – a base pour – which needs to cure a minimum of 12 hours. Then, apply the photo and then do a final pour.

      I don't know if the digital photo paper will wrinkle or not. I have not worked with it.

      Hope that helps!



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