Polymer Clay Polar Bear Ornament DIY

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I had a request to make a polar bear out of polymer clay and this is what I came up with:

You will need:

–  Polymer clay – white, black, purple
–  Acrylic paint – black and pink
–  Optional:  Skewer stick, knitting needle, needle tool, blade, eye screw

Here are some items available through Amazon, that you might find helpful:

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Take a piece of white clay, enough to create the torso.  Roll it in a ball and create an egg shape.
2.  Create two legs, by rolling two pieces of white clay into tapered cylinders – thicker on one end and thinner at the other.
3.  Attach the thin ends to the bottom of the body.
4.  Create similar shapes with the arms and attach them to the sides of the body.
5.  Make a head and attach to the body.
6.  Take a small ball of clay and attach it to make the snout.  Using a knitting needle, clay tool or whatever works, smooth it onto the head and make it a little pointy.
7.  Create two small balls, flatten them a little and attach them to the top of the head, for ears.
8.  Using a skewer stick or knitting needle, indent the ears.
9.  Shape and blend everything as needed.  Flatten the feet and hands a little to create a paw like shape.
10.  Take a piece of purple clay and create a rope.  Flatten it.  Trim both ends with a knife or clay blade.  Then cut in fringes, on both ends.
11.  Wrap the scarf around the bear’s neck.  Remember it is supposed to look like fabric, so make sure it bends in areas and the fringes are separated.
12.  With black clay, create two small eyes and a nose.  Attach them to the bear.
13.  If you want to turn him into an ornament, poke a hole into the top of his head.
14.  Bake according to the package directions.
15.  Once cool, add eye screw, if you want to turn it into an ornament.
16.  With acrylic paint, add eyebrows, feet and pink in the ears.

That’s it!  Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!


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