Polymer Clay Santa Ornament DIY

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I had a request to make a polymer clay Santa, so here he is:

You will need:
–  Polymer clay – red, white, flesh and black
–  Tools – clay tools, toothpicks, skewer sticks, knitting needles, your fingers, or whatever you can get your hands on!
–  Eyescrew
–  Ribbon

Here are some items available through Amazon, incase you want to give it a try:

Here is the video tutorial:

1.  Create a ball in flesh for the head and a small ball for the nose.  Blend the nose into the head.
2.  Create the hat.  Use red and make a cone.  Create a bend at the top of the hat.  Attach to the top of the head.
3.  Create a larger and wider cone for the body.  Add head to the top of the body.
4.  Make two logs in red for the legs and two for the arms.  Attach and blend.
5.  Make a thin black ribbon, cut it, so the sides and ends are clean.  Wrap it around the body and trim to size.  Cut a small rectangular piece to look like the buckle and attach.
6.  Create two balls for the gloves.  Attach and use a toothpick or other tool and create and indent for the thumb, making it look like a mitten.
7.  Create two ovals and attach to the bottoms of the legs for the boots.
8.  Take white clay and flatten to create trim around the bottoms of the legs, around the bottom of the coat, the cuffs at the arms, round the base of the hat.  Attach in all those places and use a tooth pick or ball tool and texture it, so it looks like fur.
9.  Add ball at end of the had for the pom pom.
10.  Attach a mustache, beard and hair.  Use needle tool to texture it.  
11.  Make three tiny black balls and add to the face for eyes and mouth.  Use a needle tool or toothpick to poke a hole in the had to be able the add an eyescrew later.
12.  Bake according to the clay package directions.
13.  Once cooled, paint on gold acrylic paint for the buckle.  
14.  Add eyescrew and ribbon. 

That’s it!  Thank you for stopping by and Happy Holidays!


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