Valentine’s Day Heart Tree Craft Tutorial

This is very similar to the paper covered Christmas tree I made last month, but I wanted to show that the cones can be decorated for any holiday, in this case Valentine’s Day!

You will need:

–  A cone – You can make your own and here is the video tutorial to show you how (it’s really easy!).

–  Hot glue
–  Scrapbook paper (red, pink and white)
–  Heart punch
–  Toothpick
–  White glue
–  Red glitter
Here is the video tutorial on how to make the tree:

1.  Punch out a bunch of colors from the different papers.

2.  Hot glue the hearts on, a row at a time, alternating colors. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

3.  Take two red hearts and the toothpick.  Sandwich the toothpick between the hearts and hot glue together.  The toothpick should be sticking out of the bottom of the heart.

4.  Paint white glue on both sides of the heart and sprinkle with red glitter.

5.  Insert the heart into the top of the tree, as a tree topper.

That’s it!  It takes a little time and be careful the glue gets hot, but it’s worth it!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!


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