10 Ways to Give Wine in Style this Christmas!

The holidays are coming fast!  Let’s face it, the easiest hostess gift to bring to a party is wine.  After all, wine is fine!  🍷 😉 

Just because we can and do give wine, that does not mean we have to present it in a boring way!  OH NO!!!  There are so many fun and stylish ways to spruce up your wine gift!  Here are ten I found on Amazon!  

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All of these are available at Amazon!

Let’s check out these fun wine gift bags and holders!

1.  Elf Wine Bottle Cover
Gnomes are SOO popular!  These gnome wine toppers are a PERFECT way to add whimsy and keep your cork warm!

2.  Knitted Wine Sweaters
Who can resist an ugly Christmas sweater?  Now put one on your wine!  If you get invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party, it seems like a must have!

If those aren’t over the top enough, how about this cute Reindeer Sweater to bump it up a notch – antlers and all!

Santa is always a popular choice and here is an elegant twist on Santa.

Then again, Santa can be fun too!

If you are especially generous and want to give two bottles of wine, Santa can help you out there too!
5.  Santa and Snowman Wine Covers
How about Santa and a snowman in sweater form?  Then, these wine bags are perfect!

6.  Holiday Bottle Gift Bag
If you don’t want to go all out Christmas, but want an elegant holiday bag, this one is beautiful!  Great for Hanukkah too!

Another elegant alternative is this faux fur wine bag.  It looks SO soft!!!  Now you can snuggle with your bottle of wine!
If you like elegant, but also like Christmas sweaters, these might make just the right statement!
If you are very popular and have lots of wine to give, this elegant variety pack will help prevent you from giving the same wine bag twice!  After all, you wouldn’t wear the same outfit to more than one holiday party, would you?  😉

Maybe you are all about style.  This Santa purse wine bag will be sure to put you in holiday style!

I love how wine presentation has gotten so creative and come so far!  

Give wine and look fine!  Happy Holidays!


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  1. These made me smile. I like all the wine-wrapping ideas you've presented, but the elegant, blue wrap is my favorite. It's festive. And like you said, it'd work for Hanukkah, too!


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