DIY Nail Frame Man Cave Decor – Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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It’s time to plan for Father’s Day!  Here is an EASY project that give impressive results!

You will need:

–  Inexpensive black frame:
(I bought mine at Dollar Tree)
–  Glue:
–  Nails, washers, screws, nuts, whatever you want to use: (see if you can find any lying around the house)

Here is the video tutorial:


1.  You want to find a black frame for contrast and you want it to have a somewhat wide frame.

2.  Using a stir stick, spread the glue on the frame, one section at a time.  You want it nice and thick so the nails and washers really stick well.  

*The glue you use will be key to the success of this project.  You want it thick enough to be able to hold onto the objects and you want to make sure it dries perfectly clear.

3.  Add the nails, or anything you like.  Obviously if small children are doing the project, use objects to embed that are more appropriate for their age.   Keep going, until you have it all covered.

4.  Allow to dry.  This might take a day or two, depending on the humidity in your area and the temperature.

That’s it!  Now stick a picture of Dad’s favorite car, a fish, or whatever makes him happy……..maybe a picture of YOU!  The nails are squished into the glue and you shouldn’t have any pointy ends!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting and stay safe!


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