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Learn how to create big artwork for your home!  It’s easy and inexpensive art to match your home decor!  You can customize the art in both size and style, I just happened to go with a coastal decor theme and went with sea turtle art!

Here is a quick video tutorial, so you can see exactly how we made it:

The size will vary depending on the size of your wall and the design on your shower curtain.  I was going for maximum impact and it we made it approximately 61″ x 61″.  You can go square or rectangular.  The materials will be the same, you just need to customize it for you and your space!

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You will need:
Shower curtain (choose any design that fits your decor):
1″ x 2″:  Go to Home Depot
White flat sheet:
1.  Find a shower curtain with a design you like.  You do not want a plastic shower curtain.  You want a fabric/polyester type of shower curtain.

2.  Next you want to build a frame out of 1″ x 2″s.  As I mentioned before, customize the size to your decor and design.  Cut the pieces to size.

We added support pieces to make sure the frame was square and sturdy.

3.  Glue and nail the frame together.

Ours ended up looking like this.

4.  Once we had the frame built, we realized the shower curtain fabric was a little thin and you could see the frame through it.  We decided to get an inexpensive white sheet and apply it to the frame first.  Another option would have been to paint the frame white.  We stapled it on and cut off the excess.

5.  We repeated the process with the shower curtain.  Take your time with the corners to make them neat.  You will want to cut off the excess.

This is what it looked like finished, but…..

6.  We were worried that it might get dirty and be hard to clean.  So, I used a sealer, to help protect it.  I thought it might make it stiffer, but it didn’t seem to.  It also did not change the color.

I did several coats.

Here it is up!  It had just the impact that I wanted it to have and it brought some additional color to the room!  Double win!

That’s it!  I hope you like it and give it a try!  Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!

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