How To Make A Scarecrow Coaster with Video ~ Another Coaster Friday ~ Craft Klatch

Learn how to make a Scarecrow Resin Coaster!  It’s a great fall craft!  

But don’t think coasters are the only scarecrows I have made! I’ve come up with a few scarecrow ideas over the years!

Different How To Make Scarecrow Ideas

I went with a total recycling project when I made a Scarecrow Centerpiece! We are talking newspapers and paper bags! I think you will be impressed!

I also made a super cute Scarecrow Ornament that you would be proud to have on display!

How To Make a Scarecrow Coaster Video Tutorial

Here is a quick video tutorial, so you can see exactly how I made it:

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Supplies You Will Need To Make a Scarecrow Coaster

Directions on How to Make a Scarecrow Coaster:

Step 1: A little dusting

I used copper pigment powder and dusted the mold.

Step 2: A little copper and gold  

I mixed one ounce of resin and mixed in copper and gold pigment powder.  I am using a fast curing resin, that cures white.  You can use a clear drying resin and add pigments as well, but you need to adjust the color, to your liking.

Step 3: Pour that resiny goodness!  

I poured it into the mold and let it cure.  Because I used a resin that cures white, it will become much lighter!

Step 4: Now let’s see how to make a scarecrow face!

Once cured, I laid the button eyes on the coaster, for placement purposes and then painted the nose.

Step 5: A little stitchery

I painted the mouth.

Step 6: Button eyes  

I glued on the eyes.

Step 7: The scarecrow coaster is coming together  

I mixed one ounce of resin and poured it into the mold, popped the bubbles, and let it cure a minimum of 12 hours.

Step 8: Take the scarecrow coaster out of the mold  

Once cured, I pulled it out of the mold. This is what the back looked like.

Step 9: A little felt for the scarecrow hat

Cut two identical triangles out of brown felt.

Step 10: A simple triangle 

Use a glue gun and put glue on the edge of the triangle.

Step 11: A haircut 

Cut small pieces of raffia.

Step 12: The scarecrow coaster is coming together 

Glue the pieces to the corners of the hat.

Step 13: One more seam  

Glue the open edge together.

Step 14: Little patches  

Glue small pieces of orange rectangle felt.

Step 15: Raffia accent 

Glue on a piece of raffia.

Step 16: Put the scarecrow hat on  

The hat is snug enough, but can still be removed.

That’s it!  Look at that cute scarecrow! Now you know how to make a scarecrow coaster!

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember:  Life’s too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!™  Stay safe!


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