Best Creation Iron On Giveaway!!! DIY

The generous folks at Best Creation Inc are sponsoring a giveaway to my YouTube subscribers, so if you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe!!!

There are a bunch of ways to enter, so be sure to take advantage of it everyday!

Here is the giveaway:

11 thoughts on “Best Creation Iron On Giveaway!!! DIY”

  1. ^b^ I would love to win because i enjoyed doing art in school & college & have recently started going to an art class near to where i live & these great items i would use in my art as i have so many ideas where i could use this giveaway.

  2. Hope I can Win. I really in joy doing crafts. Crafty is how I got my nickname. I really enjoy see all these crafts you have showed. Love your work.

  3. I would love to win. I work at a Museum, one of the best in TEXAS!!, and we are trying to find ways to encourage locals to come in. We are a history and art museum, and we try to get new ideas to help people in our town with new ideas. Thank you for the consideration. Sandy


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